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Photo by Jenelle Hayes musician

I am a musician, not a marketer!

  Written by: Kjetil Manheim There are so many great musicians in the world. In the old days very few of them got any attention due to how the industry was controlled by the few media, retail and publishing corporations (labels). Distribution was limited to…

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Distribution is time consuming!

  Content providers and freelancers have to use many services and different channels to reach their customers and audiences. It is not uncommon to have several logins on both your own web-channels and your client’s. Even simple tasks like  “send me the file” are handled…

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Content creators are locked in

  Content makers in the age of the Internet are being locked in by the services they use to spread and sell their works. This is not necessarily a negative thing, it is just how it is. What writers, musicians, freelancers, bloggers and everyone else…

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