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Written by: Kjetil Manheim

There are so many great musicians in the world. In the old days very few of them got any attention due to how the industry was controlled by the few media, retail and publishing corporations (labels). Distribution was limited to the privileged who had a contract with a big label, and getting one was next to impossible.

Today things have changed dramatically. Every musician in the world can easily publish their music, without any help from labels. They can talk to their fans through Instagram and Facebook, Band Wagon, Soundcloud, YouTube and many more specialized web services. Production is relatively cheap and the music itself is easy to get out on services like Spotify and iTunes. If they want to sell merchandise, they have great sites like Bigcartel and Threadless to help them with plug and play functionality, not to mention what services like Ebay, Alibaba and Amazon provide of opportunities. Tools, sites and services that makes every musician able to be their own 360 degrees publisher crowd the Internet.

Why is it then, that musicians still struggle to reach their audiences?

From too little to too much distribution

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Whilst yesterday’s problem was too little distribution, today’s problem is that there is too much distribution. The big labels still holds their power, however they do not control the market as they did before the Internet. Back then they controlled all the distribution channels. Today they retain their power through their marketing strength and funding abilities. Because that is what you will need if you want to get your message and music through the enormous noise that exists on the Internet.

Since distribution has become so easy, you get little out of just being present. You have to be present, of course, but that alone does not give you advantage. It is not the distribution itself that makes you succeed, it is how it is being done.


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Most artists are very motivated to spend time on promotional activities when a new release or new tour is on its way. The interest drops however, when the initiate phase is over. It is the making and performing of music artists like to spend time and energy on, not promotion and marketing. Even if they do a great job when they are at it, very few have the stamina to keep up with what it takes to run ongoing promotion activities.

Many artists find themselves powerless when it comes to distribution and marketing. Yes, they have an Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat channel they use to take selfies and talk about stuff they do, but that is not enough. You need marketing skills. You need to understand how to use marketing tools and how to execute marketing campaigns.

I am a musician, not a marketer! You might say, and that might be true enough. Nevertheless, even if you happen to be a musician with good marketing skills it is also a matter of money and time. Resources you might not have in plenty.

The normal status for most artists, if they are not among the biggest names, is a very fragmented and random presence on the Internet. They have numerous dead ends, deserted profiles, outdated pages and shops from earlier initiatives, and probably practice volatile publishing in social media. The most reliable marketers are often not the artist themselves, but their hardcore fans.

Publicisto helps artist focus

We know the stress related to making choices when you do not know if you are making the right ones or even know if you are looking at the right alternatives. We understand why an artist ends up spreading him- or herself over too many channels or choose the complete opposite; surrender and decide for no presence at all outside concert promotions and having their music on streaming services and iTunes.

Publicisto offer a way to reduce this stress.

By publishing all their content on Publicisto, artists will be able to use whatever other channel they prefer at any given time, without worrying about ending up with a fragmented presence on the Internet and a time-consuming, resource demanding marketing structure.

While their posts and files are always available from their Publicisto page (using their own domain), they automatically re-publish and distribute to whatever service they want from the Publicisto platform. They do not have to worry about how the other services will perform or treat their content, and if they decide to shift to a new service, the original content stays unchanged on Publicisto.

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Music files is distributed to services like The Orchard, videos to YouTube. News and articles to their social media channels, media contacts and blogs, retail content to Bigcartel and so on. In addition, all files published on Publicisto will be possible to sell by piecemeal or through subscriptions, and you can distribute restricted content to your associates and partners and to the media.

Not only will Publicisto become the hub for all your content, it will also be a storefront for your music, limited content, notations and books – whatever content you have for sale. You can even connect your merchandise online store to your Publicisto page. And since you use your own transaction accounts, Publicisto will not charge you for the revenue you create on the platform.

Publicisto gives musicians a way to build a solid domain authority* and at the same time spread their content and music to all the services they want to use without having to spend extensive time and resources. Freeing up time and focus to do what musicians love the most, making and playing music!

* Domain authority is a measure of the power of a domain name and is one of many search engine ranking factors.