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Written by Kjetil Manheim

We all have stories to tell. The Internet is full of them, and in our own narrative, we tell everyone who is willing to listen about our lives and merits. Some people prefer to keep a low profile and even keep away from social media. Most of us, though, we willingly share and talk.

Social media and the Internet has in some way or another turned us all into continuous storytellers. If I visit a Facebook friend’s profile, I can access a record of everything he or she has shared and interacted with since they joined the network. Not because he or she has carefully kept a record of everything they have done since then, but because Facebook has.

The record is their Facebook story, and it tells me an awful lot about them and their lives, even though it only shows what the person has done within the walled garden of Facebook.

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Photo by Julián Gentilezza on Unsplash

People do not keep a public record of their publications

Among my Facebook friends you will find many people who have “content intensive” professional lives. Writers, musicians, bloggers, podcasters, business consultants, designers, journalists, I could go on. They all use content to promote their business or art, and many depend on revenue from their own content to pay for their daily life.

However, very few have an open public and updated record of all their publications and merits. Most do not have a record at all. If I do a search or visit their blog or employers website, I get some information, but it is no exaggeration to say that almost no people have a good record of their works and publications. That includes the most active freelancers and artists on the list.

The content I do find usually appear on many different services and have no common source or authenticity to them. If I try to find a record with authority on someone’s professional content production, the sound of emptiness is incredibly loud unless there exists an extensive Wikipedia article on him or her.

Why does not people who makes their living from their own content keep a record of their publications for anyone to find? Why do they not tell their professional story in the same way they tell their social story? Without such a record, it is difficult to find both them and their content, not to mention to get an understanding of their authority on a subject, degree of professional distribution or quality of their craftsmanship.

The reason might be that no one automatically do it for them. Like everything else, it takes time and effort to keep such a record updated. Even if they are good at content production, they do not necessarily have librarian skills. Hiring a librarian will not necessarily fix the problem either.

Publicisto automatically build and update your record

Publicisto have features that automatically builds your publishing and content record and makes it available on your profile and page. All the content you publish on Publicisto is populated with metadata and descriptions, which includes where it is published in addition to your own Publicisto page. All types of content will appear in it. Your books, chronicles, blog articles, reports, music, images, videos and so on.

Photo by Tobias Fischer Library Stuttgard

Photo by Tobias Fischer on Unsplash

Through built in features we also build a live ranking score of your account that takes into account where and how often you are published, to what degree you have verified your identity and what other connected information you decide to verify such as e-mail addresses, social media accounts, specialized platforms and services etc.

People who come across your published material will be able to see everything you have done by visiting your profile. We call it your legend. Because that is what it is. Your story told through your creations and published material. Told in a way that people who do not know you from before will be able to use to get a full overview of who and how credible you are, and what type of content you have made over the years.


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