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Getting published in today’s society is easy. You just establish a blog, sign up for a Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter or Instagram account (or all of them), start sharing links to your content or publish it directly to your social media platform accounts, and there you go. Viewers and visits can be bought, and if you are good at what you do, even paid for visits can turn into loyal followers.

This is a blessing

The low bar for publishing and distribution makes you, however, not alone in this universe. Millions of content makers, good and bad, are out there trying to get attention. A follower does not necessarily translate to a consumer and content providers (must) use many channels to distribute and publish their content with variable results – often becoming fully dependent on platforms like YouTube and Facebook to reach their audiences in the effort.

This is a curse

The reality of this easy access and the massive flow of content has shown to have consequences most people regard as a problem. Serious, transparent, honest and genuine content creators and publishers now share, on equal terms, the public domain with charlatans, “lie factories”, propagandists, biased and unprofessional publications.

Source checking is increasingly difficult and for most ordinary people it is close to impossible to know what is true or false when they are exposed to content. Even professionals are having difficulty distinguishing the chalk from cheese. This is unfortunately the reality in the general news coverage today as well as for academic-, science- and business publications.

To know who’s who you have to know the marked and have some basic knowledge on publishers and references in society.

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The world is drowning in fake and twisted content. There is just no end to it, it seems. We need new solutions that everyone can rely on.

To guarantee that people tell the truth is next to impossible for any platform. However, Publicisto offers a method to distinguish the chalk from the cheese without beforehand knowledge about the author or origin. The platform makes it easier to confirm the authority of the content itself through built in features to identify origin, level of credibility and immaterial rights licenses,. By doing this Publicisto makes it easier for the consumers to know what they read, buy, hear or watch.

The platform provides tools to verify the identities of its users and use technology to verify all content distributed through the platform. A rating system is used on users and published content. The higher rating, the more reliable and credible the user and the piece of content.The rating system is transparent so everyone, visitors and users, understand what affects the rating.



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