Content providers and freelancers have to use many services and different channels to reach their customers and audiences. It is not uncommon to have several logins on both your own web-channels and your client’s. Even simple tasks like  “send me the file” are handled through all kinds of different tools since e-mail has its file size limitations.

The variety of specialized services for freelance journalism, photo sales, content sales and distribution etc is extensive and chances are that a self employed worker is registered on many of them.

It is a wonderful world, of course,  providing all these tools that are available at everyone’s fingertips. It is so easy to establish a business, it is so easy to publish, so easy to distribute and so easy to connect.

It is so easy, and very time consuming.

Every tool, marketplace, blog or distribution channel needs to be managed.  This is not only time consuming, require extensive work and is probably costing you money. It also makes it difficult to keep track of the content distribution itself. The job needs to be done, however, if you want to succeed. There is no way around it.

If you rely on all the services to earn your living, you probably endure the time it takes. The duplication of effort that comes with it, however, is frustrating. And if that was not enough, using many different platforms, blogs and publications makes your presence on the Internet fragmented and in many cases you are “invisible” for the very audience you want to reach.

The search engines finds your content, no worries. And if they struggle you can help them by using SEO-tools. However, even if the search engines find your content, it is not that easy for them to establish the correct domain authority the content has in connection to you. If you also distribute to clients with pay walls or other types of limited publishing or to offline publications, a lot of your content is simply not there for the search engines to find.

Publicisto offers a solution to all these problems so you can spend more time creating than on publishing and distribution.

Photo by Ashu Dadwal on Unsplash

Publicisto helps you build domain authority on the Internet by letting you publish all you digital publications and proprietary content regardless of digital type and format to your account. From your Publicisto account, you will be able to display and sell your content directly through your own page under your own domain, and re-distribute to platforms, services, market places and customers of your choice through multiple integrations and an open API.

All your content, both intended for offline and online distribution, will be available in one place – your own domain. You publish once, distribute to many, directly to your clients included. Search engines will be able to index all your content on display. Even the exclusively sold content will have the option to be visible with descriptions and metadata.

No more duplication of effort and more time to create!



  • Ashvin 19. March 2019


  • Ashvin 19. March 2019