All things starts with an idea before it becomes something real.  You start at point A, the idea, and then you just have to do the things necessary to reach point B, the product. It is a quite simple concept. However as everyone in the universe with a minimum of life experience knows, getting from point A to point B is never simple. It just isn’t. So we execute the A to B plan in steps. Small carefully planned steps at first, and as we gain more knowledge and assurance in larger and more bold ones as we get closer to point B.

Publicisto has just started the small steps phase and is now testing some basics with a very minimalistic service for bloggers in the Norwegian speaking marked. It is nothing close to what the Publicisto platform will be – far from it.  It is just a small step in the direction we think will take us towards point B, our final product.

Why Norwegians? You might ask, and the answer is simply that there are very few of them in the world.

Photo by Mikita Karasiou on Unsplash

With a population of just above five million, Norway is a very small populated place compared to almost any other country, but big enough to be a significant market and very up to speed when it comes to Internet and technology. Furthermore, they have their own language which almost no-one outside of the country speaks or understand. In other words a perfect place to take small steps for an early stage startup like Publicisto.

To avoid any potential misunderstandings we have given the limited alpha its own name. We call it

Flipside is as simple as it gets on the outside, and a bit more interesting on the backside. It is fully functional as a basic blog platform of course, and it is totally free to use.

Flipside is not entirely experimental. It will be there for its users for a long term relationship, and it will be seamless for the users to upgrade to an Publicisto account when Publicisto launch its first alpha on

So it is a small hurray for our first limited alpha! If you do know how to speak Norwegian we hope you will check out and establish yourself an account. We hope you will enjoy it.

You can also register for an early access to Publicisto where we will give updates in English as we get closer to launch.

Warmest regards!
The Publicisto Team