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Content makers in the age of the Internet are being locked in by the services they use to spread and sell their works. This is not necessarily a negative thing, it is just how it is.

What writers, musicians, freelancers, bloggers and everyone else who produce their own content need, is something to make them fully independent from these platforms and in full control of their own content without making them have to part from the specialized services they love or have good use for. In other words, something that provide them with the best of both worlds.

When using services like YouTube and Amazon you must submit to their terms, and even more important; you should be aware of their business model and how it works for you.

The terms of a service are easy to keep track of as they changes over time. Often the changes are good and you can happily acknowledge the enhancement. However, it is not uncommon to see changes in the terms of service that lowers the value for the users or bring changes to the service itself. If you have made yourself depended on a service, the changes can set you in a predicament it is difficult to get yourself out of.

The business model represents a different challenge. Firstly, it is often not that easy to fully understand the model, at least not in the context of how it affects you and your work. Secondly, unlike how it is with their terms of service, platforms do not send you an acceptance notice when they change or adjust their business model.

A walled garden can be a wonderful place. Photo by Yuiizaa September on Unsplash

One thing is certain, though. Platforms build their models around their own business, not yours. They might provide you with awesome tools and opportunities. A walled garden can be a wonderful place to be in. Nevertheless it is their turf, and it is under their rules you are allowed in. And that is how has to be. Obviously.

To adjust to this reality, or maybe merely as the result of it, content makers uses many different platforms and services to reach out to their audiences. Every service with its particular set of terms, functionality, models and usefulness. This doesn’t change the locked in situation, but it does give freelancers, musicians, writers, photographers, bloggers and other content makers more baskets to put their eggs in and spread their dependencies.

Publicisto offer a much better solution to the lock ins which makes it possible to get the best out of both of the worlds.

When you use Publicisto you publish all your content to your own domain before you re-publish or distribute to the services, platforms, customers or publications you want, through build in connections and integrations. This makes it possible to have all your original content safely stored and public available on your own site, while you at the same time exploit the opportunities that lies in the different specialized services that exists.

On Publicisto you also publish limited or restricted content, with descriptions and metadata visible for the public. This makes it possible for search engines and visitors to get a complete view of your content, on your domain. Visitors can access your restricted content through links (if exclusivity distributed) or directly through a pay wall on you Publicisto page.


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