Photo by ian dooley on Unsplash

There are few more fulfilling moments than the start of a journey. Everything you have planned for is now. The road ahead has the potential of a great adventure. You are prepared. The stories you will make, the comradery, the fun!

Today we started on the marvelous adventure of Publicisto! A new and unique platform for publicists and content makers. It will be a journey of tales and stories, of marvels and joy. Of hard work and friendship, failures and success. On our way, we hope we will meet thousands of people who will join us and provide us with insights and wise guidance, and help us find the right paths as the journey unfolds.

In 2019 we plan to launch the first full version of Publicisto. It will be a platform that gives you control over how your content is published, distributed, consumed and sold. The platform will make it easy to confirm the authority of the content itself through built in features that identify origin, level of credibility and immaterial rights licenses, making it easier for the consumers to know what they read, buy, hear or watch. Publicisto will be the world’s first platform for traceable, verified content!

It is a day to remember, this day. Let the adventure begin!


  • Jon-Dyre Vaa 12. December 2018

    Good luck. Hope you guys prosper, and before influential.

  • Otto P. Narvestad 12. December 2018

    Best of luck :-)

  • Edgar Valdmanis 12. December 2018

    Good Luck, and keep the rest of us posted!

  • Jan Petter Mathisen 12. December 2018

    Exciting, full speed ahead!

  • Daniel Meléndez 13. December 2018

    Glad to see this! Best of luck in this endeavour!