Who should use Publicisto?

Publicisto is built for self-employed professionals who depends on revenue from their content or publish content to promote themselves and their services. This could be artists, freelancers, writers, bloggers, self-publishers, podcasters, professional speakers, independent consultants etc.

Corporate customers with a business model that includes revenue from content sale or uses content as a strategic or tactical sales and marketing tool will have great use of the platform to publish and distribute their content. Publicisto is also designed to provide corporations and media companies with a platform for associated bloggers, columnist and freelancers

Why use Publicisto?

Publicisto provides you with a homepage and a storefront where you can display all your publications and content. From your page you can sell subscriptions to customers as well as items, and grant direct access to your library through system integrations and shared URL’s.

In addition Publicisto work as a hub from where you distribute and re-publish content to specialized services, platforms and markets. Publicisto integrates with these services so that you can continue to use them as you do today. All service integrations are easy to set up through step by step guides. All integration standards are supported so you can easily add your own services.

Publicisto gives you full control

All your content in one place

No more duplication of effort. With Publicisto you publish all of your digital content in one place and re-distribute it to services and customers from one source. Publicisto support articles, podcasts, video, e-books, audio books, images, PDF’s, audio and music files.

Optimized visibility

You can use your own domain and all content distributed through your account, both public and behind your pay wall is visible for search engines so you get full domain authority and high visibility in searches, based on all your publications.

Confirmed content

Publicisto use technology to verify all content distributed through the platform. Every item that is published has a link to your profile and contains metadata and a trackback to your origin

Build your reputation

Publicisto sets user ratings based on all content and level of confirmed user identities.The higher rating, the more reliable and credible the user and the piece of content is.

Controlled access

All your content can be hidden or put behind a pay wall. This gives you full control over who you grant access. In addition all content is available through API’s for system integration so you can distribute and re-publish automatically to services and to your customers.

Extensive insights

You get extensive insights on your distributed content. You can follow where your content is currently published and shared, and get live statistics on how it is being used.

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